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Celebrating our Golden Hammer Volunteers

Annually, we award the Golden Hammer to all volunteers who have contributed 100 hours or more of volunteer service.

Listed are the Golden Hammer volunteers with the number of hours that they volunteered during 2016.

No matter how many hours you are able to volunteer - every volunteer makes a difference!

ReStore Volunteers
Jackie Harton (1150 hours)
Dianne Liebe (686 hours)
Vic Daruk (232 hours)
John Ervin (185 hours)
Yvonne Cook (166 hours)
Nettie Walker-O’Reggio (160 hours)
Helmut Voigt (160 hours)
George Oberhofer (160 hours)
Butch Rowley (129 hours)

Construction Volunteers
Rick Harper (576 hours)
George Sawyer (560 hours)
Brian Connolly (464 hours)
Tom Began (248 hours)
Denny Rodino (160 hours)
Jim Valrance (160 hours)
Darryl Falls (160 hours)
Richard Ayers (152 hours)
Gail Bruce (120 hours)
Willard Rowell (110 hours)