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World Habitat Day - Monday, October 2


hab dayBecome an advocate for affordable housing.

Please contact your legislative representatives in all levels of government and remind them that affordable housing is a serious need here in our community.

While increased demand in the rental market is helping to drive recovery from the Great Recession the number of cost burden renters is at a historical high as 11.4 million people still struggle to afford a decent place to rent. Additionally, the ability of Americans to afford the purchase of a home is at an all-time low, resulting in home ownership levels falling to the lowest and a half century.

The majority of Americans, (81%) believe housing affordability is a problem and nearly 2/3 think the country is still in the midst of a housing crisis. The benefits of stable housing are undeniable, and homeownership enhances those benefits tremendously. Studies indicate that stable housing leads to better health, education and economic outcomes.

Thanks for partnering with Habitat for Humanity in our efforts to help families and children find safe and affordable housing.