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Habitat for Humanity of York County is proud to have partnered with over 150 homeowners to date - a number that is growing quickly as the affiliate continues to partner with local qualified families through new home construction and home preservation solutions.  We are proud of our hard-working homeowners!  Visit our Homeownership Program page to learn about the requirements to apply for a Habitat home.

Future Homeowners

The Guthrie Family

Guthrie Family

My name is LaChele Guthrie, and I am a mother of five children. My son KaDarius is 18 years old. My daughter Milan is 14 years old, and my daughter De’Kayla is 13 years old. My son Larry is 11 years old, and my youngest daughter Violet is 7 years old. This house will provide stability for my family and me. It took two years for my family to be approved for the program. I first applied in 2015 and was finally approved in 2017. This house will be a dream come true for me because I will become a homeowner.

The Rogers Family

Roger Family photo crop

Hey there! My name is Lindsay Rogers. I am a single mom to two children, Annabella who is 6 and Callum who is 5. My children’s grandpa told me about Habitat and encouraged me to attend an information session to learn more about the program. He told me they help provide affordable homes for families like ours.

We have been in and out of the housing authority and have had to live with family from time to time. At one point we were sleeping in a family members’ living room. I took his advice and I went to the next information session. The information session gave me hope. It was just so amazing to me that there is a place out here that is willing to help people succeed and achieve the goal of becoming a homeowner. I went home that night and filled out my application and submitted it to Habitat the very next day. Unfortunately I was declined due to some credit issues, but I was encouraged to meet with the staff to see how to move forward. I continued to search for ways to make this dream of owning a home a reality for us. I made an appointment with Habitat and was informed that there were only a few things on my credit that were holding me back. After clearing up my credit, I made an appointment with Habitat and shortly after I was approved.

I have loved every minute of my partnership with Habitat and working towards my goal of home ownership. It is hard for me to express in words what this home will mean to me. Being able to provide a home for my kids, that I know is ours, and providing stability means the world to me. It will truly make me feel as though I’ve been a good mom, which is all I strive to do every day. It brings me joy to know that my kids will have their own rooms and a yard to play in! It’s been my dream to do this for them and I feel as though I’ll never be able to thank Habitat enough for what they are helping me achieve for my kids and myself.

The Kirk Family

Kirk Family

My name is Erin Kirk. I am 33 years old and from Rock Hill, SC. I am a proud mother of four: Da’Lyn 14, Dakai 12, Kaylee 8 and Kylie 8. I am a Nurse Tech at Piedmont Medical Center and I am a full-time student at York Technology College. I will graduate with my Associates degree in Patients Care in May 2019.

I am a full-time caregiver to my son Dakai who was born with Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy. I’ve never let his medical conditions define who he is as a person or who we are as a family. I plan to give my children everything I can to show them that dreams do come true and hard work does pay off. I’m starting with getting a home. A place to call our own, where the kids can play and make lots of memories.

I applied for Habitat for Humanity in 2015 and was denied because of my debts. I knew the only way I would get approved was to pay off my debts. From that day forward I set up arrangements and paid off all my debts, it took me a year and half but I was determined to be approved. I reapplied for Habitat for Humanity June 2017, I was approved and signed my partnership agreement in August 2017. I think I’ve been in a dream since I was approved.

Habitat for Humanity means independence for Dakai, he’ll finally be able to bring his power chair home. Right now, we live in an apartment that has stairs and we are unable to bring his chair home, but soon that won’t be the case because we are getting a home. As I get older, I keep telling myself to have faith and everything will fall into place. This is clarification that everything is falling into place for a greater future for us.

The Irvin Family

Family photo from TJMaxx Grand Opening WEBOPT

My family, my wife, teenage daughter, and myself, decided to step out on faith and relocated from Cleveland, Ohio. We were aware of Habitat for Humanity in Cleveland but never thought to pursue it. We decided to look into it when we relocated to Rock Hill to see what the qualifications were. When we were accepted we were beyond excited. To have a home, a foundation is a blessing. The history of Habitat for Humanity is rich and faith based and relies on partnerships and volunteers and we are honored to be a part of that. They prepare you to be a well-rounded and well informed homeowner. They are there to guide you every step of the way. We are looking forward to our home build and plan on continuing to volunteer and help another family.



Carrie and Family

My name is Carrie and I live in Rock Hill, SC. I am a widowed mother of four boys, Tyler, 18, Davontae, 14, Trenton, 8, and Anthony, 8. They are all active in sports and love the outdoors. Tyler is a big gamer, plays soccer and currently works at a restaurant and will be graduating high school this year. Davontae is in 9th grade and loves football, hanging out with friends, and anything outdoors. Trenton and Anthony are in 3rd grade and love soccer and playing outside.

In July of 2014, my husband and I were pre-approved for a home loan through our bank. Since this was going to be our first home, we wanted it to be perfect for our family. We looked at a lot of homes. Some were great, but weren't in our price range and others just didn't work for us. It was very stressful and disappointing that we had a loan but couldn’t find the right home. At the time, we were living in an apartment.

On November 24, 2014, our family would change forever. My husband was murdered at our home. My family and my heart were broken. He was a great father to all of his kids and at times they liked him more than me. He was a great husband to me and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. My boys and I immediately moved in with my sister until I could find a place. About a month and a half later, I found a 3 bedroom apartment in a better neighborhood and we've been here since then.

I thought that it would be a long time before I would be a home owner. Even though I have good credit, my income just isn't high enough to get approved for what I really need. In June 2017, my neighbor was talking about a class that she was attending and that I should come check it out. It was a Habitat first time home buyer’s class. It was in July and I attended to see what it was all about. I had a sense of peace while I was there, like I can really be a home owner. I turned in my paper work and when I got the approval letter, I was so excited that my dream that once was stolen from me would finally come true.

I know it is not going to be easy for us and we will have to make some sacrifices, but we are ready. I am thankful for the opportunity that Habitat gives not only to my family, but other families to provide affordable housing.

Current Homeowners


The McNeil Family

My name is Brittanie McNeil.  I am a single mother of 3 kids -- two girls, ages 11 and 6, and a little boy, age 9. They are super excited about having a home built and having a yard to play in.  I began my partnership with Habitat for Humanity of York County in March of 2017. I had been looking into purchasing a home for a while, but I could not get approved for a homeowner loan to purchase a home big enough for me and my kids.

I came across Habitat for Humanity of York County from seeing CN2 news they aired a story of a woman who became a homeowner at the holidays.  I contacted Habitat by phone and they informed me of when the next orientation was scheduled to occur.  I attended the orientation class in January 2017.  During this orientation, I was told all about the homeowner program and the qualifications needed to qualify for the program. I was kind of scared at first because it seemed like so much and I was afraid of not meeting the qualifications, but the lady ensured all of us in the meeting that they would be there to help us every step of the way.  

Being in this program has helped me learn a lot of things -- like never give up no matter what may come my way. I have learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was and through God anything is possible. Habitat for Humanity has taught me things that I will never forget and to always believe in myself -- to never give up, and for that, me and my kids are forever grateful.  I am beyond excited about becoming a homeowner and to have a place for my kids to call home and have a yard for them play in.  


cesor newMy name is Gayecesor “Cesor” Sleh, a native of Liberia, West Africa, and I came to the United States in 2004.  After initially living in Chicago and Utah, I relocated to Rock Hill as I was attracted to South Carolina’s weather.  I have a few family members in various parts of the United States.  I have 3 children, two boys and one girl, who currently live in Utah at the moment and will be moving to live with me upon the completion of my home. 

I found out about Habitat through a friend who at the time was becoming a Habitat home buyer.  I decided to reach out to Habitat for Humanity of York County to begin this journey.   At the first meeting, I met a lot of people and they were giving their testimonies and it made me very interested.  At the time, I knew nothing about house buying or construction, but the Habitat program has taught me more than I could ever imagine. Habitat staff helped me to get the necessary information to guide me on this new journey. 

Regarding my Habitat experience, they are very good people, they talk to you freely, are very open and they help you.  I felt as if it was time to become a homeowner so that I could have my own space for my family as I currently live in a house with roommates.  When my home is complete, my children will come to live with me.  I will get to be stable and I will get to be a dad.


crystalCrystal is most looking forward to moving in to her new home so her son can finally realize his dream of having his own basketball hoop. She is very thankful for the opportunity that Habitat has given her.

To future Habitat homebuyers, Crystal suggests to “be patient” and wants others to know “if you want it bad enough, it will come. Just follow the guidance of the staff and it will all come together.


dawnMy name is Don. I am a single mother of 3 children and I began my partnership with Habitat for Humanity in July of 2016. Since the beginning of 2016, I had been looking into buying a home, but could never apply for one due to my credit.

I came across Habitat through a dear friend of mine named, Victoria Walton, who told me about what the organization was all about. I went to an orientation in April of 2016 and was blown away. During the orientation, I was told what to expect from Habitat and what was expected of the applicants. They let us know that Habitat was there to help us purchase a home!! We were told we would have to work hard and prove that this was what we wanted to do and that Habitat would be here for us every step of the way. I left the orientation with great joy and a new sense of hope in my heart. I believed every word said that night and it was all true!!

In my time with Habitat for Humanity of York County, I have learned so much invaluable information that I would have never learned had I not partnered with them. I’ve learned how to build up my credit, pay my bills on time- which is a great feeling by the way, what to expect when buying a home, how to take care of a new home, how to balance my finances, the list goes on. I love volunteering for Habitat – whether it’s in the ReStore or on a construction site – because everyone who works for Habitat are genuinely good people who care about the people they are helping and it shows. My children and I are beyond excited about getting our new home!!


ashley familyChantel and her children are excited about their journey towards a new home. The children, two boys, ages 8 and 6, and a girl, age 5, ask their mother about the house every time she goes to work for Habitat. Chantel says, “They are so excited for this new opportunity.” Chantel is currently working on her sweat equity by putting in hours at the Rock Hill ReStore and volunteering on other Habitat homes under construction. She learned about Habitat from a friend and expressed her appreciation for the process saying, “They make the process really easy for you. It’s amazing.” Chantel says she has enjoyed making connections in the community and is happy to see Habitat employees and volunteers around Fort Mill during her job as a mail carrier.

Chantel loves working with Habitat and says, “They’re not asking for anything unreasonable and it’s a great opportunity to help others.” She looks forward to the rest of her journey and is motivated by the idea of having a home to call her own for her children.


Lisa White 500

My name is Lisa and I was born in Chester County, South Carolina and lived in the very small town called Bascomville/Richburg.

My brother and I were very close, a year and a half apart - we did everything together. At the age of ten, my brother and first cousin drowned in a fishing accident.  It was very hard for me to understand at the age of eight. I truly believed my brother became my Guardian Angel throughout my life and still is.

The loss of my brother resulted in my parent’s divorce and a new beginning for me.  My 18 month old son Alonzo was diagnosed with sleep apnea, the doctors said that he was one of the worse cases that they have ever seen in a child. With the help of my family, I stayed in the hospital with my son for three month. He underwent three surgeries, including brain surgery. During that time I lost everything that I owned. I still had faith and believed that God had a bigger and better plan for me and my children. Despite becoming a teen mom, having 7 children, losing all my valuables and nearly losing my child to SIDS, I still overcame these obstacle.

I graduated from high school, went to cosmetology school, had a successful salon in Washington, DC and South Carolina, went back to college to obtain my Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Management at Limestone College and held down a full time job at New Hope Carolinas I didn’t stop there, after doing hair for over 22 years, I decide to become an instructor and give back. After 45 intensive hours of Methods of Teaching, and going back to the State Board of South Carolina, I am now a licensed SC instructor at Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology in Rock Hill, SC where I have been substituting for the past year now.

My purpose in life is to continuously dream big, help others, be happy, and to always put God first. I believe that what happens in life is in the will of God, good or bad. We as human beings have choices in life to decide which road we will take. I personally strive to do what is the will of God.  Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a special Thanks to the Habitat for Humanity in York County for this blessed opportunity to become a Homeowner!


shaqueShaque, a future Habitat homeowner, is 32 years old and a mother of a 7 year old son. She works for the Rock Hill School District and has lived in Rock Hill all her life. Shaque heard about Habitat from a friend and says she didn’t know anything about Habitat when she filled out the application. “Those are good people. You can go to any one of them and they’ll give you any information you need. They’ve helped me so much.”
She says that Habitat has already changed her and her son’s lives. “This is a blessing. This is something I will never forget. It is going to change our lives. It is going to help me in the long run and I appreciate it so much.”

“I would not be who I am today without them. All I knew was I wanted to be a homeowner and I went to the meetings and they were so supportive. I was so motivated and determined.” Shaque says that Habitat was there to help every step of the way.


Cagan Family Photo 500

My name is Darlene. I am a 51 year old mother to 6 and grandmother to 18. I have spent the majority of my life as a single parent with many hard times and struggles.

Things have been pretty tough at times and at my age I never thought that it would bbe possible for me to become a homeowner, but I was asked by my daughter to attend a meeeting at Habitat for Humanity with her.

After this meeting, I decided I would take a shot at it and go through the necessary steps and find out the outcome. I am so glad I did because now I am on my way to having a home of my own that I can spend hte rest of my life in.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity for all they are doing for me. I have met some of the most generous, loving, caring people through this experience and will continue to participate with Habitat in my spare time for a long time to come.


Carolyn Thompson Family Photo 500

My name is Carolyn. I’m 57 years old and am a single parent. I work at Morning Side Assisted Living and I’m currently raising my two beautiful grandchildren, Dandria 16, and Keithan 12, in a two bedroom apartment. 

We’ve lived in the same apartment since I first received custody of them when they were 8 months and 4 years old accept that space was even tighter then because my youngest daughter also lived with us.  

I never imagined that I would be raising children all over again because I have 4 children of my own that are grown.  My oldest daughter wasn’t in the best shape to raise my 2 grandkids and I wanted them to have a chance at life so I did what I had to do and stepped in.  This really has been a tough journey with lots of challenges, but with the help of God and family we are making it.  The kids are growing up, and they will need more space. I didn’t know anything about Habitat of Humanity but in August 2014 a friend mentioned it and invited me to go to a meeting with her. 

After going and hearing all of the great things the organization has done in the community, I knew I wanted to move forward so I completed the application process and was approved in 2015!  I’m excited for the opportunity to build in 2016!  Life has thrown some unexpected things my way, good and bad.  I am grateful that Habitat for Humanity has been one of the good things that I can add to my list of blessings!


mekaMy name is Nnaemeka "Meka". I am originally from Spartanburg, SC, but I've been in Rock Hill since '06. I graduated from Winthrop University in '10 with a B.S in Spanish. My favorite activities include: cooking (read eating), thrift shopping, and playing bingo.

I have known about Habitat for Humanity for several years, but I took serious interest in the housing program within the last year. When my best friend and her family moved into their Habitat home in Spartanburg during the Summer of '14, it was truly an inspiration.

I'd always been under the impression that the housing program was either for single mothers or the elderly, but after a little research, I found that that was far from true. I applied in January '15 ,received a denial letter in February '15, and signed my Family Partnership Agreement in June '15.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and am eager to become a Habitat homeowner.