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Lisa White 500

My name is Lisa and I was born in Chester County, South Carolina and lived in the very small town called Bascomville/Richburg.

My brother and I were very close, a year and a half apart - we did everything together. At the age of ten, my brother and first cousin drowned in a fishing accident.  It was very hard for me to understand at the age of eight. I truly believed my brother became my Guardian Angel throughout my life and still is.

The loss of my brother resulted in my parent’s divorce and a new beginning for me.  My 18 month old son Alonzo was diagnosed with sleep apnea, the doctors said that he was one of the worse cases that they have ever seen in a child. With the help of my family, I stayed in the hospital with my son for three month. He underwent three surgeries, including brain surgery. During that time I lost everything that I owned. I still had faith and believed that God had a bigger and better plan for me and my children. Despite becoming a teen mom, having 7 children, losing all my valuables and nearly losing my child to SIDS, I still overcame these obstacle.

I graduated from high school, went to cosmetology school, had a successful salon in Washington, DC and South Carolina, went back to college to obtain my Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Management at Limestone College and held down a full time job at New Hope Carolinas I didn’t stop there, after doing hair for over 22 years, I decide to become an instructor and give back. After 45 intensive hours of Methods of Teaching, and going back to the State Board of South Carolina, I am now a licensed SC instructor at Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology in Rock Hill, SC where I have been substituting for the past year now.

My purpose in life is to continuously dream big, help others, be happy, and to always put God first. I believe that what happens in life is in the will of God, good or bad. We as human beings have choices in life to decide which road we will take. I personally strive to do what is the will of God.  Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a special Thanks to the Habitat for Humanity in York County for this blessed opportunity to become a Homeowner!