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every donation largeYour financial support, your voice and your time will help bring strength, stability and independence to families in need of a decent place to live in York County, SC.

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Become a HopeBuilder

Habitat for Humanity cannot exist without the support of the more than 1600 volunteers who give so generously of their time.

HopeBuilders are some of our most passionate supporters, and I want to invite you to join them today. These vital donors are our foundation of support to help families in a powerful way — by making a small monthly gift to build a better future.

As a HopeBuilder, you can provide essential, reliable support for Habitat for Humanity to help families achieve financial stability, safety for their children, and a healthy environment in which the whole family can thrive.

Right now HopeBuilders help families who are ready for the challenge of building their home and starting their journey toward ownership. Please become a HopeBuilder today.

Your HopeBuilder gift will help daily to deliver the resources needed to accelerate our shared vision of decent shelter for everyone. It's the best, simplest and most efficient way to support Habitat because:

  • You'll receive less appeals for support, so more resources can be directed to help families.
  • You will control your giving. Start, change or stop your support at any time.
  • Your small monthly gifts will make a big difference when combined with our thousands of other monthly donors, allowing us to better plan ahead.
  • You will receive our monthly e-newsletter.
  • You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that every day you're actively helping create a better future.

Please join HopeBuilders today. Families are counting on you now. Thank you for your support!

ReStore Donation

Visit out ReStore donation page for more information about how to donate items or to schedule a pickup.

Gifts in-Kind

Gifts in Kind – donations of goods, materials or services that the organization would otherwise need to purchase – significantly reduce the operating expenses for our affiliate. In-kind donations are made much like a financial donation – you will receive recognition as a donor for the value of the goods or services that you provide along with a tax-deductible financial statement.

Typical Gift In-Kind Donations:

  • Subcontractor services

  • Building materials and equipment

  • Construction equipment/materials

  • Land or homes

  • Trailers or trucks for hauling building equipment

  • Food/drinks for volunteer workdays or special events

  • Event space

  • Office supplies

  • Excess inventory of products

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 803-985-9244 if you would like to make a Gift in-Kind donation.

Please support the following contractors and suppliers for their community mindedness in supporting affordable housing.

Planned Giving & Bequests

As the need for decent, affordable homes continues to grow in York County, so does the need to plan for future partnerships. By making Habitat for Humanity of York County a beneficiary of your estate (or a codicil to your will), life insurance or 401K Plan, you can help ensure strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter for families in our community while gaining favorable tax advantages for yourself.

If you prefer to see your donation change lives during your lifetime, there are many gift options in addition to cash that allow you to increase the size of your gift without depleting your overall assets that might also provide tax advantages. Donating appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, trusts and land could reduce annual income taxes and capital gains taxes.

To discuss these planning giving options in more detail, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 803-985-9244.


Cars for Homes

Car donations to Habitat for Humanity of York County can help a family within your local community secure stability and shelter. It is quick and easy to donate cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles or other vehicles – running or not! Plus, your vehicle donation may be eligible for tax deduction purposes if you itemize (consult your tax advisor or the IRS for details).

To donate a car, truck, boat or RV to Cars for Homes™ - Habitat’s official car donation program, call (877) 277-4344 toll free or learn more about car donation at

We accept vehicle donations from all of York County including Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, York, Clover and the surrounding area. Please be sure to include your zip code and designate Habitat for Humanity of York County when making the donation.

Habitat Cars