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“Building on Hope” 30th Anniversary Build– The Ekanem Family Story

donIn July of 2016, single mother of 3, Don Ekanem began her journey with Habitat for Humanity.

She began looking into homeownership since 2016 but was having trouble trying to apply for any of the homes on the market.

“I had been looking into buying a home but could never apply for one due to my credit,” Ekanem said.

Ekanem came across Habitat for Humanity through a friend who eventually convinced her to find out more information. After going to orientation in April of 2016 Ekanem says she “was blown away.”

“I was told what to expect from Habitat and what was expected as an applicant. They let us know that Habitat was there to help us purchase a home, but we would have to work hard and prove this was what we wanted to do.”

Since leaving orientation that day Ekanem felt a sense of joy and hope. Habitat for Humanity was able to offer Don more than just the ability to purchase her family a home but lifelong lessons.

“I’ve learned how to build up my credit, pay my bills on time (which is a great feeling by the way) how to take care of a new home, how to balance my finances and the list goes on,” Ekanem confessed.

Since beginning her journey Don has also experienced other parts of Habitat for Humanity; such as, volunteering in the Restore and working on different construction sites. “I love volunteering for Habitat, because everyone who works for Habitat are genuinely good people who care about the people they are helping.”

Ms. Ekanem is still very involved and learning from Habitat and thinks everyone should know that her family and herself are beyond excited about their new home.