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The Douglas Family- The 2022 Faith Build

Hello, my name is Sasha Douglas. I was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC. I am a single mother of three children. My son is 15 years old and my two daughters are 11 years old and 8 years old. I learned about Habitat for Humanity of York County’s homebuyers program from a friend that went through the program a few years ago. I decided to partner with Habitat so I would be able to give my kids a home that will belong to them. I want them to have a yard where they can go outside to play and have their own space. My kids are very excited about being building their home and cannot wait to see the construction process begin! My goal in life is to be the best mother I can and to give my kids a great life, this partnership with Habitat is the best opportunity to do just that!

The Douglas Family- Beloved Community Build

My name is Jasmine.  I am the mother of one daughter and she is four years old. I am excited about partnering with Habitat and having a home built with a yard for my daughter to enjoy.

I began my partnership with Habitat for Humanity of York County in October of 2018. I first learned about Habitat for Humanity of York County through a news article I found online.  After that, I attended an information session to learn more about what Habitat does. At the session, I was told all about the homeownership program and the qualifications needed to qualify. I left with an application, determined to apply for the opportunity to become a homeowner.

This program has given me the courage to never stop reaching for my goals in life and to stay committed. I’m excited and can’t wait to have a home!